Monday, March 15, 2010

Positioned for Greatness

This x and y output is an excellent piece of progress for my wifi tracking system. I have to loop this readout now and send it to a tracking software that translates it for a game engine.

Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello All, I took a break from my project blog to get married and get situated with graduate school. I am back now and ready to report some awesome progress!!!! I am currently building a WiFi tracking system that will allow me to generate a spatial x & y position value for outdoor use. I am going with 2D position to start with because the math formulas and data structure are simple enough for me as a novice programmer to deal with. Eventually a 3D tracking system will be required, but for my current project scope I will stick with this. As I said I am a novice programmer and I seem to attack a programming issued by writing out a list of questions based on my knowledge of how the system should work and I attack them one at a time. The first question I had was; How do I get signal strength from the WiFi access point connected to my system? Next question was; How do I grab 3 signal strength measurements? That is exactly where I am at currently:

The next issue I have to grapple with is looping this measurement function and saving the dynamic values into variables that are manipulated with my position values. I am a bit scared that since WiFi signal strength values are measured as integers rounded off somewhere either in hardware or in a windows class that my tracking system will not be too precise. I have to move forward regardless.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Below are 3 videos about my undergraduate project as wrapped up.

This first video below is about the PIPE Smell Theater system that I built to play my movies in.

This video below is about the Weekend Assignment 3D movie production.
This video below is one I created for the PIPE. It is a fictional story and I practiced some new techniques that I created in After Effects.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My new road has WDI on it I have a great idea for them

The PIPE was a big success and I will fill you in about it more in a future post. A brief update on me. I have a new job, I have enrolled in graduate school for media arts & science, & I am getting married at Disney World this December. :-) I would like to thank my family friends and colleagues and most of all God for help in being who I continue to be today.

This picture above is all I will leave you with for now. Some clues about it are that Walt Disney Imagineering is in my future and this picture is saturated with a lot of hidden messages that pertain to my new project. Its no form of stenography, but the excitement is in the details.....

In with the New

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its down to the Wire & the PIPE is almost finished!!

I have been working quite hard on my 4D Theatre the PIPE now for the last 4 months. THE PIPE IS DUE DECEMBER 5th AT 4PM!!! I am quite happy to be this for on the project. To have the opportunity to take my artistic and mechanical vision to fruition has been eye opening. The AVL and my Advisors Albert William & Rich Edwards have helped guide me down my path and it has lead me to a vast sea of experience and new ideas for the future. I am incredibly grateful.
If you want to try out the PIPE it will be on display in the lobby of IUPUI's IT building on December 5th from 4pm to 8pm. Its open to the public, please come check it out and share your thoughts with me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is a video opener I made in my after effects exploration. I am creating stereoscopic content for the PIPE's new HMDs (Head Mounted Displays). The PIPE is my main work so far this summer and I am making LOTS of headway. I have not posted here on the blog for a while because the stuff I am working on isn't really that interesting to hear about :-) (ie. regulator modifications, air flow analysis, and audience preferential data) This is a good video I thought everyone would get a kick out of. I am also making everything in 3D Stereoscopic video of course.
Let me say I am extremely excited about shooting some experimental footage in Albert's new N485 Stereoscopic Visualization Class this fall!!! Can we all say AWESOME CLASS! Anyway the only clue I will give you to my content idea for this class is 3 words.... Stereoscopic Bullet Time.... See you all next time. Also for those of you interested, I am working on a post graduation project already involving stereoscopic stop motion animation and Hi Dymanic Range photography. To see more on this go to the project blog:

Until Next Time God Bless!,
Chauncey Frend

Sunday, March 30, 2008

PIPE Official Website coming soon...

With the light of a functional manual control I have taken Brian Phillups advice to create a PIPE microsite where the user is put in the seat of the device. This is an image of the begining work of the site right now. I will let everyone know when it is active.

Friday, February 29, 2008

2nd Showing of Weekend Assignment in the Books!

Today was the 2nd showing of Weekend Assignment. If you missed it you can come have a private showing at the school just e-mail me. It was a lot of fun and I gave away a DVD to the crowd. My thanks to Todd Kirk for the tech support and Aaron Gallimore for taking pictures. I won't be showing the movie again in stereo until next winter closer to my graduation. It is time now to finish developing the PIPE and work on a new Stereoscopic movie. See details about that here:

Thank You,

Chauncey Frend

Monday, February 04, 2008

ITS ALIVE! ITS ALIVE! The PIPE is breathing!!!

At 11:18pm Feb. 4th 2008
I successfully concluded my first manual test of the PIPE (My smell-o-vision theatre concept) while watching the classic "Back to the Future." Only one smell has been tested and I triggered it here when you see Doc going crazy the smell was "Preferred Stock" cologne to seem like an old 50s style cologne. You will have to excuse my excitement this evening!!!!!! I have just confirmed the potential I designed less than 2 years ago. I will forge ahead with this breakthrough. What a blessing!

Thank the Lord,
Chauncey Frend

Tonight is my 50th blog posting WHOO HOOO!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekend Assignment Encore

The IUPUI National Braodcasting Society Chapter will be showing the movie again in 3D coming next month Friday Feb. 29th at noon in IT152 at IUPUI. Everyone is welcome and it should be a fun time and for more information about the movie go to . See you there!

Thank You,

Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Assignment Available on YouTube! and LOTS MORE COOL STUFF

Yes, you can watch a low res version of the entire movie Weekend Assignment now on YouTube. I am preparing to take the movie to as many film festivals this summer as I can.

My portfolio has been updated, and I will continue to add more of my current works to it as time permits.

I have stared my 2nd to last semester as an undergraduate here at IUPUI and I have been quite busy. Also I am now an intern for the UITS Advanced Visualization Lab helping them out with problem solving and media content for the technology and projects they support.

Also this short called "Choice" that I showed at the Premier will be entered in IMAX's "Really Big Short Film Festival" this week. I created this with Ben Phillippe and Justine Marter. The music is original by Joseph Burrows, and Aaron Gallimore is the main character.

If that wasn't exciting enough, I have been elected the President of the IUPUI chapter National Broadcast Society. I am responsible for the success of this chapter, by enriching many of our New Media students in professional media competitions as well as committing our chapter to our own portfolios and extended learning of multimedia production as professionals.

That is a lot on my plate so don't be too surprised if you see me jetting in and out of the IT building. I have talked with Jeff Brown about working on my PIPE this semester and he is getting closer to turing the curcuit over to me for programming. I am taking a class in C (which is the highest language the curcuit will understand after compiling) language programming right now so by the time he is ready I should be as well.

Weekend Assignment is COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR most of you. In Feburary I will be showing the Movie again in 3D during a week day for anyone who wants to come see it. More information on that will be posted here and on campus by next week.

Wish me Luck & God Bless You!


Friday, December 14, 2007


Today Dec. 14th 2007 is my last day working at Eagle Creek Park and they surprised me this morning with a work of art to be very proud of! I am afraid to eat it! Dee and Jenny baked this brain child and I am so thankful to have such creative friends! The Park manager Karen and Steve from maintenance offered their expertise to create the effect. WOW When I walked in I was blown away they did such an AMAZING job on this. Eagle Creek Park has been the most enjoyable work environment that I have ever worked in.

The cake features a scene right out of weekend assignment where the subdued sasquatch was being taken back to town by garden tractor among a pine forest!
The Sasquatch is one of a kind being composed of gauze, a decorative yet modified penguin, unchewed juicy fruit gum, and aluminum foil! ITS BRILLIANT! The icing mimics the art direction of hair.

I will truly miss all my friends at Eagle Creek Park and I will never forget you. You are all invited to any of my movie premiers in the future! Thank you....Thank you all and God Bless You!


PS: 1st edition Weekend Assignment DVDs will be available from me within 3 days!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Assignment Premier!

My Stereo premier is in the books! My family, friends, professor's, and fellow students showed up for the showing. It was a WONDERFUL gathering and was healthy for everyone to celebrate together. This is the reason why I make movies....

Thank you all for your positive support and loving fellowship God Bless You All!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thats all folks! (for the movie at least) PIPE HERE I COME!

Well, that’s it the movie has been edited and will be tested promptly this week with my mentor Albert William. I have inflicted well over 275 hours of post production on myself and 11 all-nighters since I finished shooting last September. The premier invitations are out and I am excited to see everyone and show you the fruits of my labors. I will host a student showing of the movie next semester in IT152 so more people can see it. Thank you again AVL for letting me camp out here. :-)

After finals and Christmas break I will finish the PIPE and interface the movie inside just in time for the IMAX unveiling sometime in the late spring.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Trailer on YouTube

The Weekend Assignment Trailer is up on youTube. I have been down and out sick with a bad ear infection, but I have antibiotics helping now so I should recover soon. I worked late tonight on the movie's stereoscpic video illusion and I am very excited to finish this project soon. The premier is on DEC. 8th and I have been hesitant to hand out invitations being sick and all, but I will asap now that I am recovering and cought back up. God Bless!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ibdaa Awards

I have submitted a shorted version of my film Weekend Assignment into the International Media Festival Ibdaa. If I am selected as a finalist I will be flown to Dubai City to meet many media professionals and compete in the festival.

After editing this shortend version of Weekend Assignment I have learned all the forseen errors that will come up when I am editing my final version. Knowing how to deal with the problems will help me focus on the art and enjoyability of the film more. I am very happy about that. Thanks to Todd Kirk for lending me some digital storage space! God Bless.
Go to to see all about the Ibdaa Flammable Talent Awards.

Chauncey Frend

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Image Processing

Here you can see some of the image processing that I am doing with the visuals for the stereo-movie. I am using color mixing to match the original art direction. This is a shot of T-Bone and some of his gang members from Mowdecville. Read about them at :

Monday, October 08, 2007

Forward Motion & New Stuff!

I recently met with the Indiana State Museam IMAX director and have adjusted my premier agenda.

DEC. 8th - Family Premier @ The School of Informatics

JAN. TBA - Industry Professionals, Faculty, & Students IMAX Premier

Here is a documentary about capstones at IUPUI that features Frank Tai and myself as examples of large student projects. It has some clips from the movie *wink! is up and running:

Sorry about the advertising bar at the top of the page that's what I get for using free hosting. I wish I had better funding than my own pocket ha! The character descriptions are funny and I will add more on later. The trailer is not complete yet, but I am also going to with hold it when it's complete until Halloween night. God Bless You!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movie Poster

Mr. Ben Phillippe of New Media Arts and Science has completed the artwork for the Weekend Assignment movie poster. It is not complete yet as the text will be edited, but the art direction is complete. I thank him for his zeal and talent used in helping this production along. God Bless

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yes, everyone the May 12th - Sept. 15th scheduled shooting is complete for my movie "Weekend Assignment." Its been a long colorful road full of fun, determination, flexibility, and most of all LEARNING! I am happy to put a lid on this part of the production pipeline and move on to post production and the premier.
The shots above are from the movie's chase scene and reception. I am thankful to everyone for their constant help and interest. Wish me luck as I venture on. God Bless You
Photos by: JoEllen Frend

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

IURTC & Fellow Student Project & Final Shots 29AUG07

I met with representitives from IU's RTC center to start the patent process. They were very interested in the PIPE and offered me some great advice.
A fellow student, Frank Tai, is working on Indiana's first animated short film. I have offered to interface his video into my PIPE system. If all works out this will be Indiana's first short interfaced in new form of visualization technology and I will be happy to take the PIPE to competitions and conventions with Frank. You can see more on Frank's progress at or see his portfolio at
1-2SEPT & 8-9SEPT & 15-16SEPT are the last shoot dates for the completion of "Weekend Assignment" I have arranged locations, props, talent, and equipment for these dates and I am excited to be starting POST. Testing of interfacing my interlaced stereovideo has begun and I am moving forward quite nicely. Jeff Brown has been creating the circuit computer control for the PIPE system and I will have it silk screened this fall when his testing is complete. Other than that the PIPE is looking quite nice and ready for its final component installments! Terry Frend is helping me construct the hot and cold air units as well as the humidity evacuation system.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stereo Rendering Started!!! Weekend Assignment

I have started testing my stereo video of "Weekend Assignment" in the 3D Johnny Box to test the accuracy of our field measurements. The results were spectacular! True depth simulation was achieved and for you fellow stereo people out there my parallax seemed best at 7.5 feet or so with the camera lens centers around 2.5" apart.
I am excited to start compositing and editing to show this on the big IMAX screen as well as interface it in my PIPE device.
Shooting the film will be complete within 2 months. Thank you, Albert for your assistance in the photo. Also thank you Mike Boyles of the AVL for the use of the equipment.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Weekend Assignment" Production Photos 9/14/07

Bar Scene
Bar Scene
Chase Scene
Chase Scene
Chase Scene

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Tractors of Weekend Assignment

This past July 7th weekend I filmed some of the garden tractors for the chase scene of the film Weekend Assignment. Above is an animated gif I made of Byron Miller of The Lakeshore Antique Garden Tractor Club. They helped me out for the film and he is showing off his tractor pulling skills in this shot. As you can see in the background the club owns a few hundred garden tractors. Its always a great time with these guys. I would like to thank Byron and his dad Don Miller for their help. There will be more posts about their help soon.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Production Forges Ahead in JULY 2007

Yes, production of Weekend Assignment still forges ahead yet. The shots above are from a classroom scene of the film. I would like to thank Shaun Switkowski. and Matt Schultz. for their determined help as actors. Also I need to thank Bonnie Switkowski. for the production assistance in locations and props. Shooting is planned to be finished by Aug. 5th.

Man am I learning a lot about dealing with creative production development. I find comfort in thinking outside the shots to convey the story. I fear for mis continuity in people's perception of the visuals into the plot, but by putting myself through this complex pressure I am developing a better context to base my decisions on. The next film I shall start after Weekend Assignment is being written along side a second comedy that will be written by Matt Schultz, Taylor Frend, & I called Adam Anchovy. These films will be made side by side in GoMotion and Claymation. Thanks for checking in let me know what you think or anticipate >>
Photos by JoEllen Frend

Friday, June 29, 2007

Weekend Assignment: Score

New Media Arts and Science animator, Aaron Gallimore, has been generating some of the music score for the film Weekend Assignment. This music will have the essence of southern rock with a bit of hillbilly bluegrass. To listen to a sample of some of his work go to
This is a riff to a bigger song that Aaron is working on. I truly appreciate his work and efforts.

The premiere for this film will be at the IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum. The cast of the film will be present as well as people working on music like Aaron. More information about the premiere will be available this fall.

Below are images of Aaron's recording area and the equipment he is using to generate the music for Weekend Assignment.

Other people working on music for the movie include Elkhart, IN artist Jordan Howell, Indianapolis psycadelic band Amo Joy! -

Also Chauncey is trying to get permission to use the song Muskrat - Doc Watson and Bigfoot - Buzz Martin. These are songs that lend to certain scenes in the film and fit the art direction.

Taylor Frend's Banjo skills will also be featured in the film as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Weekend Assignment Shots: From the Data Room

Here are some random screen shots from the film. Certainly these are raw and no color art direction has been applied as I will. These are all shots from the first half of the movie. A few people have been asking "What these bizzare movie pictures have to do with my Smell-o-vision?" These pictures are from a movie I am creating to put into my device or "Smell-o-Vision" HA I would like to reiterate that smell is not the only new component, hot&cold air, as well as humidity will be PIPED in as well.

Clip from: Act 1 Scene 13

Clip From: Act 1 Scene 7
Clip From: Act 1 Scene 7
Clip From: Narration

The blue background will be choma-keyed out to be the N.S.W.A. Lodge. (National Sasquatch Watchers of America)
Clip From: Act 1 Scene 7

Clip From: Act 1 Scene 7
Clip From: Act 1 Scene 9